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Dan Rather on Trump, Nixon, and why he never worked in network news again

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Dan rather news

Postby Taur В» 15.02.2020


For more than two decades he was the face of the network, anchor of the CBS Evening News, watched by millions of viewers every night. But it was never the right fit. He felt constrained by the anchor desk, unable to share opinions or analysis, and he was more interested in reporting in the field than reading a teleprompter in a Manhattan studio.

Now at age 86, Rather, who started his reporting career before the advent of color TV, has found a medium that suits his personality and has revived his influence: near-daily Facebook posts in which he expounds on American life, politics, and, especially, Donald Trump.

That ended up being a very good decision. I answer to no one but myself. Rather has been especially popular with younger audiences on the platform, many of whom have no memory of him as a network anchor. In January, he started hosting a weekly YouTube show for The Young Turks, a progressive online network geared toward millennials. Rather is receiving the adulation now that eluded him during much of his network anchoring career, where his ratings often came in last of the three nightly newscasts.

After analyzing the records, he noticed something unusual. It was an unceremonious end, brought about by a flawed investigation into President George W. In September , during the heated final months of the presidential campaign between George W. Mapes also said she had another document detailing how senior officers covered up for Bush. The story turned up at a frenetic time for Rather, who had just spent a week covering the Republican National Convention and a hurricane in Florida.

But Rather was determined to air the story as quickly as possible, and, as is often the case with busy TV news anchors, he relied heavily on his producers for most of the reporting. Almost as soon as the story aired, right-wing commentators assailed the documents as fake. We should not have used them. That was a mistake, which we deeply regret. However, after presenting just one piece for the short-lived 60 Minutes II , Rather had to give up that job, too.

Rather was not responsible for any such errors. Media critics slammed him again, and former colleagues were dismayed he was positioning himself as an innocent victim. He did every interview. He worked the sources over the phone. He was there in the room with the so-called document experts.

He argued over every line in the script. Robert Redford starred as Rather. I believed it then, I believe it now. That call by CBS remains questionable. An anchor who had once been watched by 18 million viewers was now on a channel not even rated by Nielsen, sandwiched between a program about mixed martial arts and a travel show hosted by women in bikinis.

Rather risked fading into obscurity. Then, in , at the urging of his small team of producers, most of them under 30, he reluctantly agreed to start posting regular commentaries on social media. Rather, who still gets most of his news from reading five newspapers a day, says he was skeptical of entering such unfamiliar terrain. Facebook to me seemed like a place for promotion. It has also proven a place for trolls, propaganda, and clickbait. But with his blend of old-fashioned Texas folksiness and sharp knowledge of modern American political history, Rather seems to be one of the few people on Facebook who is able to elevate the medium.

And more than anything that is what is driving me to not be silent. Facebook has liberated Rather from the ideological confines of being a straight-down-the-middle TV newsman, which his critics never thought he was very good at in the first place. But he also avoids the trap some liberal commentators fall into of being overly sanctimonious or depressing.

No matter how badly he thinks the country is being run, Rather tries to put things in perspective. In January, between posts about the government shutdown and income inequality, Rather linked to a National Geographic story about the discovery of a giant underwater cave in Mexico, the sort of lighter item that he may have used to end a newscast.

I needed that reminder of a world where discoveries are still being made, and science is still pursued. On election night in , Rather reprised these eccentricities for social media. Early indications in Michigan are enough to give them heebie jeebies.

Early the next morning, Rather posted on Facebook in a more somber tone. In the year since, Rather has given his followers historical context. Less than a month after Trump took office, the Times reported Trump associates, including former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort, were in contact with Russian officials during the campaign. President, but your tantrum tweet storm this morning attacking the mayor of San Juan, a fellow American citizen dealing with a real-time life and death struggle for hundreds of thousands of her constituents on an island of millions in crisis, is not only far below the dignity of the office you hold.

It fails even the most basic test of humanity. Rather says he is energized by the ability to instantly see how his followers are reacting. During his time at CBS, Rather often came across as stiff and pretentious on screen. When Rather posted a photo on Twitter from a television green room of the Fritos and Dr. Pepper he was consuming on his long book tour, his followers reacted with alarm. Have an apple and protein shake! Just like other stars of social media, Rather gives his followers a seemingly unfiltered window into his life and thoughts—something that has helped make him an unlikely darling of millennials, who are notorious for shunning most television newscasts.

In a business nearly synonymous with hard work, they say Rather was always known as the hardest worker on staff. He grew up poor in Texas, the son of an oil ditch digger and a seamstress.

He speaks clearly about what he considers the boundaries of ethical behavior. His voice is lucid when so many others are muddled. Rather says he has no desire to slow down, as long as he remains in good health. When our conversation comes to an end, he thanks me profusely. The next day, a photo of Rather standing on the boardwalk next to the beach in Galveston, smiling in the evening sun, appears on his Facebook page. Has America ever needed a media watchdog more than now? Help us by joining CJR today.

In the fall of , city officials in Cleveland were confronted with the kind of economic crisis that is, by now, familiar across the country: a Fortune company threatens to leave a city unless it gets millions of dollars The voice of journalism Join Us.

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Dan Rather, Sam Donaldson have dire warning about Trump, time: 9:08
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Re: dan rather news

Postby Nikozahn В» 15.02.2020

Tech news. Retrieved January 16, But I think this was one of the first, right?

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Re: dan rather news

Postby Voodoobei В» 15.02.2020

Number two, rarely, almost never, did Nixon out of dan own mouth news broad, sweeping indictments daj the press as a whole. Good night. But with his blend of old-fashioned Texas folksiness and sharp knowledge of modern American political history, Rather seems to be one of the few people on Facebook who is rather to elevate the medium.

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Re: dan rather news

Postby Memi В» 15.02.2020

Click two, rarely, almost never, did Nixon out of rather own mouth say broad, sweeping indictments of the press news a whole. I innocence say once we got through the lawsuit stage, from that time forward I rarely think about it. InBernard Goldberg published a book with the title Biasalleging a dan bias in print and broadcast news organizations. But the core of the story, which was, number one, that George W. President Reagan, still training his spotlight invisible the economy, today see more a package of budget cuts that he will send to Congress tomorrow.

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Re: dan rather news

Postby Mazujinn В» 15.02.2020

Bush's innocence of absence from the reserve unit he served with, and that the news corporations had been "very uncomfortable" with running the story. Not long after I first came to the anchor chair, I briefly signed off using the word, 'Courage. And that extraordinary times require extraordinarily deep thought about what ratuer do and how you do invisible. Trump's paranoia 'untenable to workings of republic', says Dan Rather.

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