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Grey's Anatomy, Season 2

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Greys anatomy season 2

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We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Grey's Anatomy graduates into a grand melodrama in its second season, with its band of frisky interns forming romantic complications that are as outrageous as the medical calamities they juggle in each installment.

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Naturally, Meredith feels betrayed by Derek, and keeps on feeling that way throughout the rest of the episode. Meanwhile, chief of surgery Dr. Webber James Pickens Jr. Knight , who has been appointed official bearer of gossip from the hospital; and Meredith's friend and coworker Cristina Yang Sandra Oh has big news for her boss Dr.

Preston Burke Isaiah Washington --and vice versa. Finally, arrogant intern Alex Karev Justin Chambers displays a hitherto untapped streak of compassion when the team's favorite bartender Joe suffers a heart attack. The OR staff has its hands full with the victims of a spectacular car crash caused by flagrantly careless driver Bob Seibert.

In the course of events, it is revealed that Seibert is a drug abuser, wife beater and all-around louse--and he is also in desperate need of a liver transplant. Ironically, the perfect donor turns out to be the very man whom Seibert killed on the road, placing the surgical interns smack in the middle of a major ethical dilemma. Elsewhere, George T. Knight is forced to work side by side with the same nurse who gave him syphillis; Webber James Pickens Jr.

Meredith Ellen Pompeo and Cristina Sandra Oh open the episode by cryin' the blues over getting romantically involved with their control-freak bosses. Back at Seattle Grace, Meredith's mom Ellis Kate Burton , a brilliant surgeon struck down by Alzheimer's, is treated for diverticulitis--which unexpectedly becomes the catalyst for several revelations on the part of several secret lovers.

Cristina resists the notion of telling Burke Isaiah Washington that she is pregnant, but this becomes a moot point when she collapses in the surgery room and Addison Kate Walsh is forced to perform an emergency operation. A young female patient Angela Goethels who suffers from uncontrollable blushing finds herself in the middle of a few interdepartmental intrigues.

And George T. Knight is finally able to get the best of the insufferable Alex Justin Chambers when he is handed an unusally difficult assignment. Recovering from her miscarriage, Cristina Sandra Oh proves the old adage that doctors make the worst patients. Kindhearted George T. Knight is run ragged by Meredith's delusional mother Ellis Kate Burton , who imagines that she is still a busy surgeon with tons of patients.

Bailey Chandra Wilson , aka "The Nazi", shows her human side when she is reunited with a young cystic fibrosis victim Thomas Ian Nicholas. And Alex Justin Chambers worries that his medical career may end before it even gets properly under way. A power outage at Seattle Grace traps George T.

Knight in an elevator with a seriously wounded police officer Daniel Bess , forcing him to perform emergency surgery. The outage also causes another patient to lose his "pain medication"--to be exact, his collection of video porn--forcing Cristina Sandra Oh to do some clever improvising.

Elsewhere, after trying to convince a religious zealot to authorize surgery for his daughter, Meredith Ellen Pompeo has a showdown with Derek Patrick Dempsey. A planned romantic rendezvous for Meredith Ellen Pompeo and Derek Patrick Dempsey is interrupted by a train wreck which brings dozens of victims into Seattle Grace. Young , who form an unusual bond while impaled together on a pole. Meanwhile, a critical operation is put on hold while Cristina Sandra Oh searches for the patient's missing leg; Addison Kate Walsh and Izzie Katherine Heigl struggle to save the life of a burn victim's unborn child; and Alex Justin Chambers tries to care for his patient Mary Juliette Jeffers , despite the obnoxious interpolations of Mary's friend Yvonne Kym Whitley --whose ceaseless carping about Alex's medical skills and bedside manner cause him to wonder if he has chosen the right profession after all.

Meredith Ellen Pompeo sullenly continues to cool her jets while Derek Patrick Dempsey and Addison Kate Walsh consider giving their marriage a second change. Back at work, Meredith and the other interns are nonplussed by a male patient named Shane Joe Sikora , who is convinced that he is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Alex Justin Chambers tries to persuade an year-old girl named Nicole Michelle Ongkingco to undergo corrective surgery--and at the same time, Nicole gives Alex advice on his relationship with Izzie Katherine Heigl ; George T. R Knight finds himself identifying with the long-suffering husband Reni Santoni of an overbearing heart patient Elaine Kagan ; and Cristina Sandra Oh and Burke Isaiah Washington aren't sure whether to let everyone know about what's going on between them.

Addison Kate Walsh is caught in the middle when her old friend Esme Sorrento Janet Rotblatt wants to have her uterus removed to prevent cancer, while Esme's husband Joe Shelley Berman is dead set against the operation. Knight is saddled with another eccentric patient, this one a suicidal window washer Geoffrey Rivas ; try though she might, Meredith can't avoid running into Derek Patrick Dempsey ; and Cristina Sandra Oh prepares for an important date with Burke Isaiah Washington.

The episode's pivotal moment occurs when Dr. Bailey discovers why she has been so unusually lethargic a plot twist dictated by actual events in the life of actress Chandra Wilson, who plays Bailey. Upon arrival, Meredith helps Derek Patrick Dempsey look after a man who has awakened from a coma after sixteen years--only to determine that he would have been better off remaining asleep.

Meanwhile, George T. Knight is strongarmed into joining his father and brothers on a turkey shoot, with disastrous results. And Bailey Chandra Wilson finally realizes that the "Nazi" everyone is always talking about is none other than herself. George Dzundza appears unbilled as George's dad. The hospital staff anxiously prepares for the birth of quintuplets, but the delivery is a extremely difficult one and the outlook isn't promising for the undersized infants.

Somehow or other Burke Isaiah Washington finds time to slip Cristina Sandra Oh his apartment key, which temporarily throws her off balance. Elsewhere, Meredith Ellen Pompeo is shocked and embarrassed when a guy she'd picked up at Joe's bar the night before shows up at the hospital with a painful priapism--and Derek Patrick Dempsey is the consulting physician! One of TV's most delicious treats, a habit-forming mix of romantic hanky panky -- call it intern swapping -- and sometimes outrageous, almost surreal medical black comedy and moral debate.

This ABC hospital drama puts more emphasis on the physicians than the medicine, which is fine because these are diverting doctors. The show offers a secure view of a hospital, if not of love affairs. It gets higher ratings than ER because it's fresher, and strategically slotted after Desperate Housewives, but also because it's cozier A distracting late-Sunday brain vacation.

The casting director of Grey's Anatomy deserves a gift basket the size of a Mini Cooper for pulling this show together. Even the jerk and the hot girl and the dork are endearing. As soap opera, Grey's Anatomy has been great. The characters ring true despite the sometimes unbelievable medical cases they're faced with and there are enough surprises to keep things interesting. Realistically diverse cast aside, "Grey's Anatomy" remains a soapy lightweight among TV medical dramas, but I can see its appeal beyond simply benefiting from a "Desperate Housewives" lead-in.

I've said it before - this isn't a great show, but there's just enough good to make up for all the bad. More Headlines. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers. Certified Fresh Picks. Better Call Saul: Season 5. The Flash: Season 6. Homeland: Season 8. Insecure: Season 4. Into The Dark: Season 2. Killing Eve: Season 3. Outlander: Season 5. Saturday Night Live: Season Supergirl: Season 5. The Walking Dead: Season Westworld: Season 3.

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Bomb Scene - Grey's Anatomy (Season 2 Episode 17), "As We Know It", time: 3:53
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Re: greys anatomy season 2

Postby Viktilar В» 04.01.2020

Season February 17, Into You Like A Train. Elsewhere, Meredith Ellen Anatomy is shocked and embarrassed when a guy she'd picked up at Joe's bar greys night before shows up at the hospital with a painful priapism--and Derek Patrick Dempsey is the consulting physician!

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Re: greys anatomy season 2

Postby Zulkibei В» 04.01.2020

Yutaka Takeuchi as Kamaji. Let It Be. Daniel Minahan.

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Re: greys anatomy season 2

Postby Tek В» 04.01.2020

Meanwhile, Izzy becomes attached to her patient, Karev must face the consequences of his actions, and Cristina takes care of an inmate desperate to stay sezson the hospital. Ellis Grey is admitted to the hospital. Retrieved July 13,

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Re: greys anatomy season 2

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Kerry Carney as Intern 2. January 30, Anjul Nigam as Dr. Meredith realizes that Derek has chosen Addison, and she is crushed.

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Re: greys anatomy season 2

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Ray Ford as Paramedic. Katherine Heigl and Chandra Wilson were the cast members with greys most nominations for their portrayals of Izzie Stevens and Miranda Baileyrespectively. Webber that she swason the LVAD wire and that she season the program. Izzie treats a pregnant teenager with whom she has much in common, and her interfering upsets anatomy patient's mother, Izzie also reveals to the http://blogbipiphan.tk/the/the-hero-soundtrack.php that she has a daughter.

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Re: greys anatomy season 2

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Her husband, rushing to get to the hospital, crashes his car and Derek does brain surgery on him. Cristina is disturbed when she sees a small tree in Burke's greys room. Cristina is desperate for George to move out of the apartment, while Izzie is jealous of Callie's anatomy with him. May 6, A young boy needs a heart transplant but article source seem to season it, and an argument over his treatment exposes major philosophical differences between Burke and Cristina.

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Re: greys anatomy season 2

Postby Nikoll В» 04.01.2020

Gabriel Tigerman as Son-in-Law. Abatomy Krusiec as Anna Chue. Archived from the original on November 15, Episode number: 21 Original air date: March 19, Plot: A series of four deaths on the surgical floor brings out everyone's superstitions as the staff expect three more fatalities. Toia Thompson as AA Member 4.

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